About Me

I’m Gina! A school counselor by day and USAF fiance and fur mama at night. I’m at a beautiful and scary part of life, on the cusp of so many of my dreams.


I live in Buffalo, NY which may seem unexciting to some but the city is my first love. This city has food, sports and the toughest heart you’ll ever find.


I finally got a full time school counseling job in 2015 after many years of struggling to break into a professional position.


My fiance (then boyfriend), Mike, deployed with the United States Air Force in May of 2016 for 4 months overseas. As many military partners do, in that time I conquered diet and exercise. This was the first time in my life I healthfully lost weight (15 lbs!). Diet and exercise is something I constantly have to balance because one of the best parts of Buffalo are the countless hometown restaurants!


Mike returned just 6 months ago and after 2 years of waiting, in March 2017 we found out he was hired as an Air Traffic Controller. We have two weeks until he embarks on a 4 month training and we will be moving (somewhere) in August of this year. Eek!











I knew this year would bring big changes (getting married and all that goes with becoming a wife) but now we are leaving our home, abruptly and starting a new adventure. I will be leaving the job I fought so hard to break into and my independent lady status may be compromised. Although this is the beginning of so many dreams coming true- it’s scary!

This little spot on the internet is for me to share so many of my interests that I know other women share as well as document this crazy time in life!