Our Love Story

God gives you exactly what you need. We always hear that, however, I don’t know about you but I have a hard time keeping that perspective. God threw me some curve balls and made me WAIT. All to show me His plan is best.

The funny thing about Mike and I is it took me a LONG time to give the guy a chance. About seven months before I had my heart broken and it took me at least five of those months to get over the breakup.


Mike and I met because my best friend, Steph set me up with this guy I had had a crush on over a year before but I was seeing someone at the time. Let’s call him Italian Stallion because that’s exactly what he was. Not GTL but still there were muscles and a beautiful smile. We dated for about 2 months and it was going fine. Anyway Italian Stallion had a mirror and knew how adorable he was because I was not the only girl he was seeing. He mentioned how he “used to” do online dating and I wanted to know for sure he was looking elsewhere. So I went on POF or Plenty of Fish because other than Tinder, which totally creeped me out, it was the only dating app I knew of. Within minutes I found the Italian Stallion currently on the app searching away. I was done right there. Ready to be single again.


Then on that very same day I found out Italian Stallion had a wandering eye, this cute Airman messaged me. Let’s be honest, my ego was bruised so even though this was the internet I could use the boost.


I agreed to go out with Mike on October 17th, 2014 at Pearl Street Brewery (same company as our wedding venue) for a Sabres game. From there we were together but I was still one foot out the door.

Thank goodness for girlfriends who recognized my heart was still mending and I needed to give this guy a chance.

On Memorial Day 2015, over a bonfire he told me he loved me. I laughed. I said it back but first I laughed.

A lot has happened between then and now. We have certainly had to deal with many obstacles but I have to say I feel God called him to me.


He has made me realize my selfish ways and actively strive to be the partner I’ve always dreamed I would be. It is not always easy but I feel extremely blessed having Mike as my partner.


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