Dresses for Spring Showers

Shower season is upon us! Mike and I are having  a co ed Jack and Jill shower at a local brewery and I already have two bridal shower invitations I need to RSVP to.

Bridal and baby showers are a great time to wear a cute springtime dress even when Mother Nature is still PMSing with the back and forth warm and cold weather. I always dress for comfort first so most of these looks can be paired with my favorite Sam Edelman booties and my Old Navy jean jacket in case it’s a little chilly. I am also not a big spender so every thing is well under $100 and can have accessory changes to be work or out on the town appropriate. I would swap out flats for wedges to make everything a little more nighttime and use the jean jacket or cardigan for some extra coverage while working at school.

This  dress is something I’m considering for my own shower. I love the illusion bottom and it would be cute with some wedges.


This tank dress is such a beautiful color. I love how the model wears it with booties. A cardigan could easily be thrown on for work with flats.

wine color

I’ve worn this Old Navy dress in a multitude of colors. I’ve gotten them for as low as $12 depending on the sales. I love the long sleeves and flowy -ness. I got a small petite so I would say it is true to size.


I love this romper! Sometimes I just want the coverage of a higher neck and shorts. I pair rompers with cardigans often. It makes them a little more interesting with layers.


I got this maxi dress for a bridal shower I have coming up. It will be a picnic style with some older family members so I wanted to be appropriate.


I’ve been following Thirty One Boutique since I saw owner, Peyton Ganus’ wedding photos and fell in love with her southern style. This romper is so cute and could be worn out with Mike on a date or for a bridal/baby shower. I’ve bought and exchanged denim cut offs from Thirty One Boutique and I can say their customer service is great! I’m happy to give business to a young woman entrepreneur with great morals. Got to support each other!


I hope you girls are inspired! I’m getting my faux tanner ready as we speak!


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