Yellow Ribbon Trip in Denver, CO Part 2

One day left for our Yellow Ribbon trip to Denver, CO!

Sunday morning was rough. That time change and having to get up early for sessions was hard. We had another breakfast in the ballroom and were off to our final sessions.


Everyone kept telling us about the IRest session. The guys were excited because I think all the mental health conversation made them just want to relax. We heard IRest was basically a nap but in reality it is a form of meditation. It was fun to lay on a blanket, all cozy and listen to the instructor who had the most soothing voice. Mike and I both have trouble sleeping so I thought what was initially a blow off session ended up being really beneficial. I even used the recording of the trainer in my classroom guidance for 5th grade.

Our final session was actually full by the time we arrived so we ended up hearing Brian Fleming, an Army veteran speak. He goes by The Blown Up Guy and his story was something that still gives me goosebumps. He chronicled his time overseas, being seriously injured twice. Every time he mentioned his wife I couldn’t help but be in awe of her and their marriage. I can not imagine getting those phone calls and sacrificing so much time from my husband. Brian touched on mental health and coping mechanisms that lead him to finding meaning in everything he went through.

I never cease to be in awe of the men and women in our armed forces. I never set out to date or marry someone in the military. Actually I was kind of turned off by it. But that was ignorance on my part. Everyone I have met at Mike’s base is genuine, kind and truly selfless.


After our last session we packed up and headed to lunch before catching our flight. We went to Tycoon Sushi bar. It is not in the best part of the city. We saw some things I could have done without (hello urine soaked sidewalks!) but the rolls were great. We both got the three roll special and the Colfax specialty roll as an appetizer. The Colfax roll was probably the best sushi roll I’ve ever had.


After lunch we Ubered to the airport, which was beautiful by the way. The flight was full of Niagara Falls base folks. Thankfully, everything went smoothly.

This trip was such a blessing. Mike and I have never really traveled together before. Having that undivided time together to explore new things and understand more about his military life was just what we needed before he headed off to Oklahoma.

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