Show and Tell Tuesday- Favorite Pictures Addition

I hope I can get this to work! I love the link ups Andrea creates. So many bloggers are going to be sharing pictures of their children but from me it will be a lot of my fur baby.

Well this was our social media engagement announcement. Sam (our 4 year old Dachshund rescue)  was integral in our engagement story, which I will share soon. It was such a surprise and I hope this picture brings me back to that moment forever.


We clean up pretty well! This was at a friend’s wedding Mike was in. I searched high and low for that dress and felt pretty darn good!

Oh Sammy! This little baby changed our lives forever. I was never a big dog person and my family ended up giving away our two family dogs to people that could give them more time and attention. For some reason when Mike and I were dating, before his deployment I just got the itch for a dog. We went to the SPCA three times and on lucky trip number three we came across our baby. Sam is the most gentle, sweet and loving dog. Everyone that meets hims uses the same words “calm” and “cuddly”. Seeing Mike with him made me love him even more and Sam brought us together in a way we wouldn’t have before.

This photo is exactly what I used to dream about when I was single- a lazy Saturday morning. It is just so us.


This picture is my favorite of Mike as a kid. He is the cutest!! He is an identical twin so we can’t always tell which is him in photos but this one is totally his smile. We used this photo and one of my baby photos in our save the date post card.


This photo is our first post deployment. I have never been so nervous as I was all alone waiting for those planes to land. I squeezed him so tight and then it was back to normal like 4 months and thousands of miles hadn’t separated us.

I know. The mustache.


This pup. He is sassy just like his mom. I just love the attitude in this photo of Sam.


This girl right here is my soulmate! You will hear about Steph a lot. She is the Shay to my Sheaffer. Here we are when she took me to Fenway Park for the first time!!! We are both HUGE Red Sox fans and although she has lived in Boston for years and I’ve visited numerous times we had never been to a game. She surprised me that night with tickets and here we are belting out “Sweet Caroline”.


Lastly, this is just us being us in one of our favorite places, The Ralph! Well formerly The Ralph, now New Era Field. We have season tickets and LOVE cheering on our Buffalo Bills. Sammy is named after our #1 receiver, Sammy Watkins. I know not being able to go to every game next year is going to break Mike’s heart. Sports are something that connected him and I right away.


There it is! Some of my favorite photos that encapsulate the best parts of my life and my little family. Thank you for visiting!



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