Mike heard about Air Traffic Control (ATC) from a pilot he works with that ironically was on our first date. This pilot went to college to be an ATC and has since completed 10 years at the Buffalo Tower. He encouraged Mike to take a stab at one of the many jobs the FAA was posting.

This was more than 2 years ago. Mike and I were still pretty new and he asked me to accompany him to Pittsburgh for the entry exam. Since then he’s gone through background checks and numerous medical exams. Then 4 weeks ago he got the official notice- he’s going to school in Oklahoma City, OK to train.
This career is life changing for us. I’m a charter school counselor which is as glamourous and well paid as it sounds and he was flying as much as he could as an Air Force Reservist. We both prayed every time we drove past the Buffalo Tower which is about a mile from our house. This job makes our dreams possible.

It’s not just the security and benefits but I truly think Mike was made for an exemplary, fast paced, challenging career like ATC.  I’m so proud of him I could burst. My wish is to support him to the fullest as he goes through 4 months of intense training.

We are apart for the first three months as I finish off the school year. It will be terrifying not to know where our new home will be until he passes the course in July, but what a beautiful adventure for us to share. I have no idea if I will be a school counselor again, a career I’ve clawed my way into. That’s not upsetting to me because honestly, my dreams have never been to be a career woman. But that is for another day.


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