Can’t Live Without

Here is a list of some services, products, entertainment, I seriously can’t live without. I don’t mean to add more expensive wants needs to all of your already tight budgets but seriously you’ll thank me 🙂

Beauty Blender


I get that $20 for a make up sponge sounds insane. But this is one of those things where quality costs more. Beauty Blenders have patented material that just isn’t replicated in those $8 drug store sponges. I went to a local store known for upscale beauty and fashion (Tony Walker for Buffalonians) looking for a new long wear foundation. They sold me on Estee Lauder Double Wear , which should actually be on this list, and applied it with a Beauty Blender. Girls, I’ve never felt more like Heidi Klum. I felt like I looked airbrushed. I use the Beauty Blender cleanser to clean my sponge. I’ve heard people say theirs gets moldy but I’ve never had that problem. I place mine on the container it comes in every day after I wash it.

Amazon Prime


My name is Gina and I love online shopping. When I was younger I loved just walking stores. I don’t know what has happened to me but I just want to stay home in my jammies and never shop. I shop online for dog food, paper towel, Tupperware, everything. And God knows I can’t wait for these purchases. Here comes Amazon Prime. Two days is the absolute max I can handle waiting and thank goodness Amazon Prime delivers (Ha.) But I’ll suck up the two day wait because at means I don’t have to carry said dog food in the house. See, I’m really thinkin’. #LazyMeansInnovative #worksmarter #notharder

Manicured Nails


Does anyone else feel like their life appears completely together solely because their nails are done? Just me? I don’t get my nails done professionally due to time and cost. I have quite the collection of Essie and OPI polishes that I love. Typically I go seasonal (dark in the Fall/Winter and bright in Spring/Summer). Very rarely are my nails naked. And if they are I’m really, really struggling with life. My all-time favorite color is Wicked by Essie.



This is an obvious one. How did any of us live without Netflix? I have to admit; yes I love Netflix series like Stranger Things and Fuller House but what I use Netflix for the most is rewatching my two favorite shows of all time CONSTANTLY. Walk into my house at any time and there is a 99% chance How I Met Your Mother or Friends will be on. I just love the characters and know the story inside out. It is like my friends are keeping me company as I clean the bathroom or brush Sammy. Mike is just as guilty so I’m not the only weirdo.


Hydro Flask


I have an obsession with being fully hydrated at all times, as you’ll see. I had a coupon for $20 off of $80 at Dick’s and justified the purchase of a $40 water bottle. Let me tell you, it was well worth it. I keep my Hydro flask open all day with a Bubba straw and the water stays cold! It doesn’t make sense. I have the largest size (40oz) and I aim to fill it at least 3 times a day. There is something about a cute water bottle that just encourages you to drink up!



My best friend, Stephanie works in New Hampshire while she lives in Boston. Her commute is 45 minutes each way. So when she told me she was listening to podcasts I didn’t exactly understand. I thought they were radio shows my parents would listen to. But then she told me about Serial. Seriously, Serial is like any addicting TV show. It chronicles a murder mystery between a High School couple and just sucks you in. Did he, didn’t he? Listen to it! You girls won’t regret it! Mike and I listened to season 2 on the way and back from Boston. Being a military family we were engrossed. The spin off show S Town starts next week and we promised neither one of us would listen until we drive back from Oklahoma.

My current obsession is the Dave Ramsey show. Man, he makes me want to pay off every bill imaginable. The inspiration to get my act together every day is really helpful for me because my ADD for pretty things gets me in trouble.

Dave Ramsey




Going to college at UB (University at Buffalo) Uggs have a stereotype that go along with them. I can tell you I don’t and have never cared. I’ve tried the fake, cheaper versions and nothing compares. I’ve had my short Chestnut originals for 4 years. Every Fall I get them dry cleaned and they are as good as new. If I could only wear one pair of shoes for the rest of my life Uggs would be it. They are the coziest, most comfortable shoe and I will wear them until I’m old and gray.



I used to use my Bialetti religiously because the coffee just turns out so good. But that thing is a pain to clean and once I bit the bullet I was hooked. I love the ease of the Keurig and I don’t have to clean it. We currently have the standard, older model but we registered for the latest model for our bridal shower. I can’t wait for the touch screen!

My favorite pods are the Green Mountain Spicy Eggnog. I know its wayyy past Christmas but I can’t help it.




My Yeti is one of my favorite things because it is the only travel mug that has ever kept my coffee hot, not luke warm. I also love it because Mike remembered me saying I wanted one and he sent it to me while he was deployed overseas. Mine is also extra cute because I got a decal to spruce it up. I cannot remember the exact shop I got mine from but below are some links to Yeti decals on Etsy.

Military Love Decal

Lily Monogram Decal


Coffee Creamer

coffee creamer

See a theme? When I’ve counted macros I always, always, always make sure I allow myself 1 tablespoon of creamer in my coffee. It’s just not as good with milk! Life is too short and coffee is too precious to choke down some sugar free crap.  My favorites change but I do love Amaretto, Coconut and any holiday flavor.


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