Day One

Every morning I wake up and religiously read my “mom blogs”. These women flow energy through my veins better than a diplo espresso. The grace they exemplify gives me something to strive for each day.
I’ve dreamt of being a positive, humorous, balance-it-all woman for as long as I can remember. Coming up in a traditional Italian household, I wanted to make homemade everything, with a baby on my hip and smile on my face. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing submissive about this dream. My mom raised me to know how to budget and hustle, all without letting my mascara run.
This blog has been a part of the dream for a long time. To chronicle everything coming together and all the beautiful, simple parts of life I love. I’m on the cusp!
So I want to share the women and blogs that inspire me.
McKinney Mamas!
Mix and Match Mama Now I know it’s a sin to covet but it is really hard not to crush on Shay Shull! Shay makes balancing it all look like a cake walk. She has 4 kiddos (two adopted from China), a hot husband who seems to be her best friend, and she is a BOSS.
A Little Bit of Everything Erika Slaughter reminds me of my best friend, Stephanie. She is a cheerful and sunny blond who seems to be relaxed about all things. My favorite blog posts of hers are the “Owning It” series. Just the fact she thought to have women share the quirkiest parts of themselves with love and compassion makes her another girl crush.
Scheaffer Told Me To Scheaffer’s blog started as a fashion blog recreating looks from Pinterest. I love the fashion but what will hook you on Scheaffer is her humor! How is someone so funny in writing?! I hope to be just half as captivating as her especially in her “Bachelor Recaps”
Momfessionals Andrea from Momfessionals is a super woman. Working in education, I have NO idea how she juggles everything. I am a single woman raising only a dog and I’m exhausted after a day of those life suckers  students need me all day. She inspires me to get out of bed every morning and feel thankful
Joyfully Prudent Olivia is financial goals. She paid off her house with her teacher husband in 33 months! She has hooked me on Dave Ramsey so much so I listen to his podcasts religiously and am currently getting Mike on board to tackle the baby steps (pray for me)
Diet and Exercise
Amanda Marie Fit Amanda is more my Instagram girl crush. She is so real and realistic when it comes to diet and exercise. My deployment weight loss was 100% because she taught me about macro counting via her blog and Instagram posts. I will do a separate post in the future but check her and IIFYM lifestyle out if you don’t want to lose your sanity along with those stubborn pounds.

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